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NEW!! Building a Vehicle Bug-Out Kit

Vehicle Bug Out Kit Survival Gear

NEW!! BROWNELLS BRN-180!  Can you dig it?

Brownells BRN-180 AR-15

Here are a few of Desert Guardians YouTube videos…

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Check out our lasted video…a detailed look at the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 45.  I installed the Hyve Technologies Trigger in this one, and I highly recommend it!  Take a look!

Here is an in-depth look at the new Polymer80 V2 80% Lower Frame.  This frame size is based on the Glock 17 (full size duty), but has enhancements that make it a formidable challenger in the world of full size carry / duty pistols.  Some of these include and 1911 grip angle, straight rear back strap area (no hump) and no finger grooves on the front strap.  I also has aggressive stippling, a positive index finger rest, and trigger guard undercuts.  Additionally, it has a full-length Picatinny rail for all of your accessories, and does not limit it to one slot like most factory Glock pistols.  I built this one with the Polymer80 DLC Slide with front serrations, and the new curved Polymer80 trigger.  Check out the side by side comparisons to a Springfield TRP 1911, and a factory Gen 3 Glock 17.

Assembling a Glock slide is a snap!  Well, most of it anyway…  In this video, I go through a step-by-step build of a Brownells Iron Sight Front Serration Slide for a Glock 19 sized Polymer80 build.  Keep in mind, there is a trigger channel liner required in all Glock Slides, and I had already installed it prior to filming…sorry!  The small parts are all factory Glock.  I used a Backup Tactical Threaded Barrel, Glockmeister Stainless Guide Rod and Spring and Classy Raptor custom back plate.

In the first of three frame build videos, I walk through my process of milling the frame using the Polymer80 Frame Jig and a Dremel rotary tool.  This can seem like a daunting task, but as I say in the video, just let the tool do the work for you, and go SLOW.  The Polymer80 Jig makes it easy to see exactly what you are doing.  A lot of engineering went into providing a quality and helpful process to finish the frame.

In this installment, I finish up some of the fine grinding down the line on the frame, and drill the 3 pin holes with a hand drill.  The holes are two different sizes, and clearly marked on the jig.  I also mill out the recoil spring channel with the Dremel.  Take this step slow too…steady and straight!

Part 3 of this series is the final assembly of the Polymer80 / Brownells collaborative build.  Here is where it all comes together!  When assembling any custom built firearm, you may run into some stiff fitment or some part not lining up perfectly.  As stated above, go slow, and make minor adjustments.  Feel free to comments on the YouTube channel if you have any questions or concerns, or email me directly!

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