Welcome to Desert Guardian

Welcome to Desert Guardian.  You are now immersed in the unexpected product of an experiment.  I know that sounds strange so let me explain.

In mid 2017, I started an Instagram account as an experiment.  This account was just to see how people would respond to pictures and info of my firearms and personal EDC gear.  In May, I embarked on the second phase of my experiment and began talking to people in the industry that I have made connections with throughout the years, and started to put together a project.  The original Desert Guardian Polymer80 Build and Giveaway was born!  Working closely with manufacturers, I put together a plan of attack, started a massive contact campaign,  and amassed the parts needed to build a complete 80% lower build from Polymer80 and give away most of the parts for a lucky winner to build their own.  Little did I know, this experiment was about to take off like crazy, and I suddenly started adding more and more, and other brands and manufacturers, from large companies to small artisans began contacting me to be a part of this rapidly growing project.

By July, the initial build was completed, and the Desert Guardian Giveaway was underway.  By this point, it had grown so much that I had to have 4 prize packages!  They drawing was held, packages were sent off, and I was done!  Whew!  That was a lot of work!

No more than 6 weeks later, I got a message from one of my sponsors asking when the next one was taking place.  What?  I have to do another one?  Seriously, it was an exhausting process and the way it took off was almost overwhelming. But I’m all in at this point, so I agreed.  I reached out to my original sponsors that I am regularly in contact with, and most of them were on board for round two, and I added a couple more! I had some personal referrals in the industry, and the opportunity to sit down face to face with many more, and have steadily been building relationships as we came into November for the Desert Guardian Giveaway 2, sponsored by MORE big names in the industry like Brownells, Hyve Tech, Polymer80, Overwatch Precision and 2 dozen more!

Fast forward to first quarter 2018.  More big things are coming from Desert Guardian…so be ready!

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