First Impressions: Condition 1 Cases #075 (14″ Pistol Case)

About a week ago, I spoke to Condition 1 about the hard-use pistol cases, and this week, three  of them arrived at my door.  Two are for an upcoming promotion I am hosting, and the third was sent out for some use and abuse by yours truly.  The case I am going to be long-term testing is their model #075, which is a single or double pistol, 14″ case.  Upon opening the box, I was greeted by a very comfortable handle, and a formidable looking clasp system…and I was immediately excited!

I pulled the case out of its shipping container, and checked it out from all angles.  It has a robust look, with structural strengthening ribs, and very stout looking features.  The lid fastens with two large, easy to grip claps or latches.  The latches are hinged in the middle, allowing for a very positive “hook” as they grab the opposite side.  When opening, the latch hinges and unclips with ease, but when attached, they are not coming loose!

On the outer side of each latch, there is a reinforces lock tab, allowing for two locks to keep your gear secure.  All Condition 1 cases are ATA / TSA compliant, so you can transport your gear anywhere!

Opening the lid for the first time, I noticed how solid it feels.  It is not heavy, but is heavy duty…if that makes sense.  The Polypropylene Co-polymer construction allows for a super tough construction while maintaining a light weight,

The lid opened with ease, revealing a rubber o-ring all the way around the upper lid channel, that securely rests on a rib on the opposite side.  The lid has  a panel of egg-crate style foam to securely hold any gear you have inside.

Inside the case, the are two 1.5″ foam sheets.  Both foam sheets have “pluckable” square pieces that are removable to shape the foam panel to custom fit whatever you are carrying.  They are essentially die-cut making it 100% customizeable to the shape of your pistol, camera or whatever you are protecting.  The two panels give a full 3″ of easy to use, custom retention. Under the two panels, another layer of protective foam to finish the very secure “sandwich” holding your stuff!

On the handle side of the case, between the latches, there is a small, black “plug.”  This is a fixed pressure relief valve that prevents over and under pressurization.  Pressure variations can cause damage and condensation in place you don;t want them!  Condition 1 cases keep the elements out.

Dust, dirt and moisture are no match for the rugged design.  The case is waterproof to 3 feet, so don’t worry if you get it wet!

Condition 1 cases are designed to keep your gear safe.  Rifle, pistol, drones, electronics, camera gear…whatever you carry!  Carry it in a condition 1 case!  They are made in the USA, and carry a fantastic warranty against material defects and breakage!  Check them out…and watch for more posts as I put the Condition 1 075 cases to the test! Lightweight, inexpensive, and tough! Condition 1 cases come in all sizes…from small single pistol to full-size rifle cases!

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