CZ P10c Threaded Barrel and Comp Install

Have you ever thought about adding a comp (compensator) to your pistol to flatten the recoil? Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough of a Threaded Barrel and Comp install on a CZ P10c.

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Parts and Tools Required

CZ P10c Threaded barrel and comp install.
CZ P10c, Threeaded Barrel & Comp

We are starting with a Primary Machine Threaded Barrel from Brownells, and a Herrington Arms HC10 Comp. The only tool needed is the Allen key included with the comp.

Clear Firearm / Chamber Check

Always make sure the gun is unloaded and clear.
Be sure the firearm is unloaded and clear.

Whenever you are working on a firearm, ALWAYS make sure it is unloaded and there isn’t a round in the chamber! Safety is paramount. Remove the magazine and rack the slide and check the chamber.

Remove the Slide

remove slide from frame p10c
Remove Slide from Frame

You will need to remove the slide from the frame to replace the barrel. Per factory instructions, use the disassembly lever and remove the slide. Instructions for this should be in your owner’s manual. Remove the side and set the frame aside.

Remove the Guide Rod & Spring

remove the guide rod and spring from the p10c slide assembly
Remove Guide Rod & Spring from Slide Assembly

Remove the guide rod and spring. This is a captured spring, so it comes out in one piece. It has a little tension on it. Slide it forward a little and it will come out easily.

Remove the Factory Barrel

remove the factory barrel
Remove Barrel

Remove the factory barrel. It should easily drop and slide out. It has very tight tolerances with the slide, so go slow and don’t force anything. Set the barrel aside. I always recommend keeping the packaging from new barrels to store the old barrels.

Installation of the New Barrel

new primary maching threaded barrel for cz p10c
CZ P10c Threaded Barrel

Familiarize yourself with the new barrel. In this case, the Primary Machine Threaded Barrel has a TiN Coating, spiral fluting, and is longer than the factory barrel to accommodate the threading. It also comes with a handy guide for the lubrication of the new barrel.

remove the thread protector
Remove Thread Protector

If your new threaded barrel comes with a thread protector, you will need to remove it.

check for and remove o ring if needed
Check for O-Ring and remove

Some threaded barrels for the P10c come with a rubber O-ring between the thread protector and barrel. The Primary Machine Barrel does not, but if your does, remove the O-ring now.

Apply gun oil or lube as directed
Lubrication Points

Note the barrel lubrication points. Add gun oil lube to the spots on the instructions. This is important so you don’t cause excessive preventable wear to any parts.

install the new threaded barrel in the p10c
Install Barrel

Install the new threaded barrel into the slide of the P10c. It fits into place easily as long as it is aligned correctly. If it binds at all, don’t force it, just gently remove it and try again with it properly aligned. It should just drop into place.

Install Guide Rod Assembly

Install Guide Rod

Replace the guide rod and spring assembly. The smaller “knob” on one end goes towards the muzzle end of the slide. put that end in first, then press forward and snap it into place.

Complerte p10c slide assembly
Complete P10c Slide

When installed properly, the guide rod assembly should be parallel to the barrel as shown above.

Install Slide onto Frame

install the p10c slide onto the frame
Install Slide

Install the assembled slide onto the frame from front to rear until it clicks securely into place.

NOTE: Some comps on certain pistols need to be installed BEFORE the slide goes back on the frame. The CZ P10c can be assembled prior to the comp being installed.

Install the Herrington Arms HC10 Comp

CZ P10c and Comp

For the installation of the Herrington Arms HC10 Comp for the P10c, you will need the comp. included allen key and BLUE threadlocker.

Blue thread locker on the set screw

Using the included Allen key, remove one of the set screws, and apply a drop of BLUE threadlocker. Do not use red threadlocker on this! (Red is permanent, blue is not.)

Install Set Screw with BLUE Threadlocker

Install the set screw and thread it in about half way. Repeat this step for the other set screw.

install the comp on the P10C
Install the Comp

Now it’s time to install the comp onto the threaded barrel. Go slow and be sure the threads are aligned correctly.

thread on the comp p10c

Thread the comp into place.

Check the clearance
Check the clearance

Thread the comp all the way to the muzzle face of the slide, then back it off to achieve the desired orientation. This comp and barrel combination on the P10c has about 1.5mm of clearance which is perfect. Don’t worry of yours has a little gap. Having a small gap is necessary for operation. Do not tighten it against the slide face.

Orient and Tighten Set Screws

orient the comp

The CZ P10c has distinct lines on the slide. The Herrington Arms HC10 Comp is machined to match, making it easy to line up with the slide contour.

Tighten the set screws p10c
Tighten Each Set Screw

Tighten the set crews until snug, then allow the threadlocker to dry. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. You want it secure so it does not spin, but don’t force it.

Congratulations! You’re Done!

completed cz p10 c threaded barrel and comp install
Completed Threaded Barrel and Comp Install

Congratulations! You’ve just completed the install of the Primary Machine Threaded Barrel and Herrington Arms HC10 Comp on the CZ P10c! Now it’s time to get to the range and try it out. You should notice a difference in the felt recoil, as well as a flattening of the muzzle flip, allowing you to reacquire the target more quickly.

Install Video for the CZ P10c Threaded Barrel and Comp

NOTE: Please check all local laws and regulations regarding threaded barrels and compensators in your state.

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